You guys are all really graceful eaters.



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There are two types of people in this world…

So I’ve been cruising the interwebs, and I just noticed how many people use the term “there are two types of people in this world”. image

imageSo how many types of people are there actually? I only gave two examples but I think you can smell what I’m stepping in. Like I said, there are two types of people. In this case, so fucking many types of people.

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There Is a virus going around on tumblr, please do not click it

know this, if you see a link that looks like this

┓┏ 凵 =╱⊿┌┬┐

spread this

make it go everywhere

I am just giving you guys a heads up, 

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The Trevor Project


Stop re-blogging One Direction and re-blog this shit. 

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It’s all that I love and all that I need.

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At a time of the show that was already so emotional, everyone knew this was the last scene and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. When Harry said “It’s pretty dangerous to be one of my enemies. That’s why it’s a good thing to that we’re friends” it was unscripted and for that reason Lauren (and the rest of the audience) absolutely lost it and she ran off stage. I think there is such a powerful meaning in this that nobody else found; make friends with your enemies before you leave school, life is too short to be carrying that around.

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